Voice Actor & Narrator

Hi! I'm Curt Harpold, and I'm a professional voice actor.

Simply put, that means that I do Voice Overs.

Not just in radio and television commercials (though certainly there), but also in documentaries, public service announcements, audio books, video games, telephone on-hold messages — in fact, just about anywhere that you hear a disembodied voice (aside from the ones in your head), that's called a Voice Over. And in almost every case, Voice Overs are done by voice actors.

For examples of some of the different styles of Voice Overs, you can listen to my demo recordings.

If you have technical copy, I'm your guy. With my background in Physics, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics, I am comfortable with a wide range of technical terms.

I'm professionally trained, fun to work with, and I love working creatively with producers to capture exactly the right mood.

If you're already a client, you can download tracks I've recorded for you here.

New Service!

Let me record a custom message for your answering machine or voice mail.