Where to Hear Me

Here's where you'll find links of interest, and I'll keep you caught up on projects that I'm working on.

I'll also be posting links to places where you can hear my work, when my clients allow it.

Summer 2011

No, I haven't vanished...

With my return to the full-time workforce, I haven't been doing as much Voice Over work recently, but I'm still available! I just finifshed narration on several web videos for some Lobbying Groups and Non-Profits (a nice advantage of being local to Washington, DC), and I have a couple of exciting narration jobs which are likely to start soon.

31 December 2010

Now accepting credit cards!

I've been using Square for the past few months to accept credit card payments. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android phone, you may find this useful. Square offers an easy and free way to accept credit card payments anywhere (in the U.S., that is).

For more information, see my blog entry on using Square.

1 September 2010

It's National Voice Over Appreciation Month!

Go to the official site to learn more about what we Voice Actors do. Click in the yellow box there to hear some quick, informative Public Service Announcements about Voice Overs.

7 July 2010

I've been working at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival for the past couple of weeks. Fun, rewarding, but very hot! We were getting days with heat index readings of 105F, and the temperature was still frequently over 85F (29C) after the evening concerts.

26 January 2010

Just finished a brief Voice Over for The Grillslinger.

See it here:

Check out this web comic

Voice-overload: The web comic by a voice-over artist for voice-over artists

Thanks to Bob Souer for pointing this out!